I’ve Never Played a Splinter Cell Game! | Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (XBOX) – Part 5

#SplinterCell #UBISoft

Originally aired live on Twitch: 02/10/21
Played on XBOX Series S via Backwards Compatibility

By viewer request, I will be checking out for the very first time in my life… a Splinter Cell game. I’m not entirely sure how these have evaded me my entire gaming career, but they’ve always seemed jarring and convoluted… and they are! Join me as I try to make it through this game with no guide (unless absolutely necessary – and at times, it was!) on the original XBOX. If anything it will be a great comedic stream for seasoned vets of the series, and newcomers like me as well!

On this stream, I make my way out of Manhattan and into a mission involving raiding a server room.

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