Let’s Play With DJ Harmack – Last Of Us: Remastered (PS4) – Part 7

It’s finally happened, the impossible became the possible. A deadly, highly contagious virus, that has no apparent cure, has all but destroyed humanity. DJ Harmack takes the role of Joel, a hardened man who is forced to take a young girl, Ellie, across the country, because it is believed that she has the cure. Will they make it in time? Will they survive? Tune in and join us on our journey!

Watch Let’s Play with DJ Harmack LIVE at https://twitch.tv/harmack1 and follow the channel, Harmack streams live every Monday – Thursday 10 PM EST – 12:00 AM EST. Don’t Forget to follow our other Twitch Channel https://twitch.tv/slashstreamslive

Twitter: https://twitter.com/djharmack
Website: https://slashstreams.com

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