SSWF Monday Nights Main Event (Season 2 Week #10)

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Originally broadcasted live on Twitch: [6/28/2021]

Welcome to our virtual wrestling federation, the SSWF! Each Monday Night, we present 7 matches from our packed roster of superstars. We currently have some slots open for additional talent in Season 2, so subscribe on Twitch ( and get automatically entered into the league, and a World Title Shot!

Season 2’s Featured Wrestling Game: WWE2k15
Current SSWF Champion: Slash
Current SSWF TV Champion: DJ Skates
Current SSWF Tag Team Champions: TP Evil

Tonights Matchups:
TP EVIL VS The Bong Buddies (Contender Match) – 2:41
DJ Skates VS Bug Dynamite(TV Title) – 17:34
Del Griffith VS Scales175 VS Froggster (#1 Contender TV) – 27:05
Evil1976 VS The Bunny (MITB Qualifier) – 49:13
TP Poker VS Star Man (MITB Qualifier) – 57:08
Large and In Charge VS Brochaco Party – 01:07:36

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