SSWF Monday Nights Main Event (Season 2 | Week #11)

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Originally broadcasted live on Twitch: [7/12/2021]

Welcome to our virtual wrestling federation, the SSWF! Each Monday Night, we present 7 matches from our packed roster of superstars. We currently have some slots open for additional talent in Season 2, so subscribe on Twitch (…) and get automatically entered into the league, and a World Title Shot!

Season 2’s Featured Wrestling Game: WWE2k15
Current SSWF Champion: Slash
Current SSWF TV Champion: Bug Dynamite
Current SSWF Tag Team Champions: TP Evil

Tonight’s Match-ups:
Brochacho Man VS Jinco (w/ Lil Sia) (MITB Qualifier) – 02:57
Froggster VS Scales175 VS The Bunny (MITB Qualifier) – 10:45
Harmack VS DelGriffith (#1 Contenders For the SSWF Title at MITB) – 29:59
Slash VS StarMan – 38:46
TP Poker Challenges Brock Lesnar in the Ring…? – 49:18
Bug Dynamite VS LOV Eric (w/ UNC Phil) (TV Title) – 58:30
Large and in Charge VS TP Evil (Tag Team Titles) – 01:10:27

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