Super Mario AllStars: The Lost Levels (SNES) – WORLD 9?!… and A-2 through C-4

#MarioAllStars #Nintendo

Originally aired live on Twitch: 02/17/21
Played on the SNES FPGA core via the MiSTer

Join me as I check out Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, originally released in the US on the Super Mario Allstars pack of games. Do I still have what it takes to re-complete this game some 30 odd years later, or will I run into problems?!

After doing some research, I’ve realized this game contains a hidden World 9 that we would have found during this playthrough if not for the accidental warp zone! Using the magic of Game Genie, I traverse to this World 9 to see what is in store, then resume the extra “Lost Levels” of A-2 through C-4.

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