Testing Some PS1 Games on The MiSTer FPGA!

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Originally aired live on Twitch: 01/27/21
Played on MiSTer FPGA via the Sony PS1 Beta Core by FPGAzumSpass

On this stream, I’ll be testing various PS1 titles (picked by our Discord) on the MiSTer FPGA with the new PS1 Beta Core that is currently in development. Keep in mind, new updates are now being made frequently to the core, so this stream may go out of date very quickly! I do my best to explain what the MiSTer is, and how far the project has come along in this video… but several other channels/videos out there will provide way more in depth technical knowledge, such as RetroRGB and Modern Vintage Gamers’ channels.
I will attempt to do update streams when notable changes have been implemented, but this a very exciting time for PS1 fans that own a MiSTer!

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