The State of Harmack’s Twitch Channel Name | State of the Streams #37

#Twitch #WeddingReview #TwitchClips

Originally streamed live on Twitch: [7/09/21]

Harmack reviews his roomate / “boo” DJ Skates wedding in our first ever “Wedding Review”. Harmack debates changing his channel name, and turns it into a contest! Our favorite clips from the past month’s worth of streams.

Intro – 02:20
Harmack’s Review of Skates Wedding – 13:09
SSWF Updates – 39:44
“Let’s Rename Harmack1” Contest! – 45:02
Harmack’s Ramblings – NEST Thermostat Tips – 01:02:01
What Is Harmack Playing Next on his Channel? – 01:10:00
Twitch Clips of the Week! – 01:15:40
Outro – 01:38:01

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