SSWF Season 2 Week #3 Preview – GET EXTWEME

Large and In Charge VS The Bong Buddies, Froggster VS Del Griffith III, and Poker calls out Froggster!


DJ Harmack and DJ Skates will put their Tag Titles on the line (won at Slashamania) against the newly formed team of The Bong Buddies!  Will Eric and UNC Phil be able to “fly high” and take the titles from the ultimate bromance?



After successfully defending his title against Good Ol’ DM last week, TP Poker is sick of these amateurs!  Poker has called out Froggster in a match, TITLE FOR TITLE!  If Poker can defeat Froggster, he will get a spot in the main event against Froggster for the SSWF Championship… but should he lose, Froggster will become a DOUBLE CHAMPION and hold the TV title and the SSWF Championship!


Plus Tamina takes on Lil Sia in a rematch, a Hell in a Cell #1 contenders match and MORE!


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