Ghosts, Cereal, Weird Mascots, and PS4 Update Woes – State of the Streams #15

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and we’ve started #SLASHTOBER here on the channel! This week a viewer asks us about our belief in ghosts, we discuss our favorite Halloween cereal, weird cereal mascots, and more. We also discuss our thoughts on the PS4 update 8.0 that came out this week that has people all up in arms. And as usual, we also showcase our favorite clips from the past week in streaming, and TP Poker presents his Nia Jax Joke of the Week.

0:40 – Intro
34:47 – #LETSTALKABOUT If We Believe in Ghosts?
49:56 – Cereal and Weird Mascots
1:11:36 – Questions For the LOV Eric Virgin Hotline
1:20:47 – TP Poker’s Nia Jax Joke of the Week
1:31:55 – Clips of the Week
1:48:01 – PS4 Update 8.0 Complaints?
2:14:26 – Outro


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